• Edgewood School



    Grade Levels: K- 8
    School Population: approx. 465
    Hours: 8:35 AM to 2:50 PM
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    Mission Statement: 
    To provide a nurturing environment in which all students will reach their full social and academic potential and become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

    Features include:
    ·         Arts Integrated Curriculum
    ·         Accredited Before/After School Program is available
    ·         Peer Mediation Program
    ·         Student Senate
    ·         Community Garden
    ·         Town Meetings and Learning Exhibitions [celebrations as culminations of units of study]
    ·         Foreign Language Instruction (French and Chinese)
    ·         Dance Instruction
    ·         Jazz Band
    ·         String Instruments Ensemble
    ·         Drama Club
    ·         Boys’ Basketball
    ·         Chorus (Grades 5 and 6)
    ·         CHAMPS (initiative to promote positive school climate and culture)
    ·         Publication Club (Grades 7 and 8)
    ·         Music and Art Classes
    ·         Partnership with Yale Center for British Art
    ·         Soccer, Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’ Football opportunities
    ·         Parent Team