John C. Daniels School of International Communication

  • Grade Levels: PreK-8
    School Population: approx. 508
    Hours: 8:35 AM to 2:50 PM

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    Mission Statement:
    At John C. Daniels Interdistrict Magnet School of International Communication students are exposed to different languages in order to be able to
    communicate in a global society. Students are inspired to understand and appreciate the diversity in their communities and in the world.
    School Vision:

    John C. Daniels Interdistrict Magnet School of International Communication will prepare students for success in high school and beyond. Our focus on biliteracy in Spanish and English across content areas, along with the integration of technology allows our students to develop a set of skills, knowledge, mindful attitudes and values to become critical thinkers and prepare them for this ever-changing global society.


    Additional School Info

    We believe:

    • Biliteracy promotes competency in multi-languages in order to become critical global thinkers.
    • Data drives our instruction.
    • All students, parents, staff and community members are empowered, supported partners and held accountable for their role in the
      educational process.
    • A safe, innovative and supportive learning environment is maintained to support social-emotional well-being and student learning.
    • Through our magnet themed focus areas, all individuals are valued and treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
    • Experiential learning will promote student's high order thinking and understanding.
    • Principal
      Yesenia Perez

    • Address
      569 Congress Ave
      New Haven, CT 06519


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