New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center

  • Exposure, Experience, and Awareness.


    At New Haven Adult and Continuing Education we are committed to supporting our scholars to focus on their futures through awareness, exposure, and preparation. This is accomplished by delivering our scholars the opportunities for transitional experiences in all facet of their education.


    Courses are FREE for New Haven Residents.


    New Haven Residents MUST show proof of residency. Day Students Non-New Haven residents MUST pay a fee of $100. 00 cash. Evening Non-New Haven residents must pay a fee of $75.00 cash. Visit our website for additional information 

    Connected and Committed to Change
    Our Mission
    The New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center is committed to providing adult learners with high quality educational programs. Our administration, teachers, and support staff prepare students to be lifelong learners and to become productive citizens in school, in the workforce, and in their communities.
    Our Vision
    We are ONE highly effective ‘team’ of teachers, staff,
    students, and community partners working together to create brighter futures for our students.
    We are a learning organization where all are challenged to grow and achieve. Every day, we will learn through meaningful, engaging, and coherent experiences to ensure success. Together, we will be better tomorrow than we are today.
    We are ONE family, connected and committed to each other. Our actions and decisions will exhibit integrity, compassion, honesty, and trust. We deeply believe each day holds a profound sense of hope and optimism for the future.
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      Michelle Bonora



      580 Ella Grasso Blvd
      New Haven, CT 06519


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