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    For teachers with questions about Google Classroom, software, using apps, assignments, assessment, whatever isn't a Helpdesk request for Technology hardware or passwords/account access, there's one place to go for all of it. Including a link directly to live online help from an NHPS TEACHER, the link to the district Distance Learning resources page, and a form to fill out for more help.


    Shortly we will be adding a link to shared resources for NHPS teachers who would like to offer their curriculum materials to others, or if teachers want somewhere to go to not have to reinvent the wheel.


    Please spread the word within your buildings: teachers are much more likely to read something they get from someone they know. 

    Let's keep it simple for folks: whatever they need, they can get an answer at: 




    Happy Educators Week!

    Below, please find a link with a listing of other activities you can utilize. We’ve received feedback from close to 400 teachers that will continue to guide the activities we provide.


    Wellness Wednesday #2: Remote Learning

    Wellness Wednesday Remote Learning Series #4

    Wellness Wednesday Remote Learning Series #5


    Thank you very much for all that you have done to support our students . Thank you for the service you have continued to provide in these uncertain times. This is our last Wellness Wednesday for this school year. We hope to see you in the fall! Typhanie Jackson
Last Modified on June 17, 2020