Hill Regional Career High School

  • Grade Levels: 9- 12
    School Population: approx. 700
    Hours: 7:45 AM to 2:15 PM
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    Mission Statement:
    The mission of Hill Regional Career High School is to prepare all of our students to become productive members of their own community and a global society by providing an educational environment that establishes rigorous standards of academic performance with a focus on health and business. We encourage students to maximize their potential by promoting critical and creative thinking, developing technological competence and fostering respect for a diverse and changing world. These goals are the shared responsibility and commitment of the staff, faculty, students, parents and community.
    School Vision:

    A student who graduates from Hill Regional Career Magnet High School will be
    able to:

    • Access and analyze a variety of sources of information.
    • Communicate clearly and listen actively.
    • Fulfill his or her civic duty and be a leader within his/her community.
    • Think critically and solve problems.
    • Leverage technology in support of skills.
    • Be morally, ethically, and socially aware.
    • Be resilient and persistent.
    • Develop career readiness skills through authentic experiences
      Core Values.
    • Knowing the whole child allows us to identify, recognize, and counteract
      the barriers that inhibit success.
    • Students of all backgrounds are capable of academic and personal growth.
    • Collective responsibility is integral to success in preparing our students.
    • Teaching and learning require self-discipline, commitment, persistence,
      and accountability.
    • Excellence requires self-reflection and risk-taking
      Beliefs About Learning.
    • Learning requires students to have self-discipline, commitment,
      persistence, and accountability.
    • Students of all backgrounds are capable of academic and personal growth
      which can be nurtured and recognized in the school environment.
    • Learners deepen their understanding when provided with the opportunity
      to solve authentic problems and when they engage in critical thinking.
    • The school environment must be a safe place physically and emotionally,
      and must foster respect, trust, and academic risk-taking so as to support
      student well-being and growth.
    • Learning is valuable in itself. It prepares students for success in higher
      education, career, and life.
    • Principal
      Shawn A. True

    • Address
      140 Legion Ave
      New Haven, CT 06519

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