Davis Academy for Arts & Design Innovation Magnet School

  • Grade Levels: Pre K- 8
    School Population: approx. 470
    Hours: 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM
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    Our Mission Statement


    Davis Academy for Arts and Design Innovation Magnet School  develops reflective programs that foster a child’s ethical, psycho-social, physical and intellectual development through explicit instruction and collaboration within a professional learning community. The school nurtures a student’s capacity to think strategically and critically in preparation for leadership and optimal success in our global society. Together, as a collective community of leaders, we strive to deepen our commitment to social values such as kindness, responsibility and respect for others.

     You Should Know: 

    • Schools of the 21st Century Program -Quality Before and After-School Programs -Strong Parental Support and Involvement


    • School Development Program -A Focus on Child Development Theory -School-Wide Planning and Decision Making


    • University / Community Partnerships -Yale University, School Development Program -Yale, School of the 21st Century Program


    • All-Day Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Classes


    • "Integrated Day" Curriculum Model of Instruction -Science & Social Studies-based Thematic Units -22 Student Average Class Size -Critical & Creative Thinking Skills


    • Instrumental Music Instruction/Drama


    • Library Power School / Multimedia Library Center


    • Computer Learning Centers -Library Media Center for Research -Classroom Centers: Publishing of Student Writing, Computer Assisted Instruction
    • Principal
      Marissa Assarisi

    • Address
      35 Davis Street
      New Haven, CT 06515

    • Main Office Phone

    • Fax