High School in the Community (HSC)

  • Grade Levels: 9 - 12
    School Population: approx. 280
    Hours: 7:50 AM to 2:10 PM
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    HSC, the small school for students who want to do big things, was founded by a team of talented and committed teachers over 50 years ago to provide a personalized, innovative approach to educating students. That mission drives us to this day, and as a result, our diverse student body goes on to accomplish great things professionally while also making a difference in their communities.

    HSC empowers young people to step up and make a positive impact on society while pursuing their individual educational goals. Through our theme of leadership, social justice, public policy, and service and a multidisciplinary project-based approach that values diverse perspectives, we ask students to wrestle with tough questions and justify their answers with carefully analyzed evidence. We also help students design and implement innovative solutions and policies for real world situations in greater New Haven and around the globe.


    School Vision:

    At HSC, we teach future leaders the skills they need to fight for justice and to drive change in the professions of law, government, education, politics, and nonprofit and business management. Our students thrive in a diverse school committed to student voice, leadership, and public service. We encourage any students who want to succeed academically while making the world a better and more equitable place to join us in this important work.


    Additional School info:

    The CRAIGs, HSC's core values of compassion, respect, action, integrity, and greatness, are aligned with habits of work and social-emotional learning standards, and they guide everything that we do. Our students learn to be leaders of their own learning through Student-Led Conferences and by building and maintaining portfolios to document and reflect upon their academic progress. Further, we offer an array of college & Advanced Placement courses, and we are a Seal of Biliteracy School. We work closely with community partners to ensure that our students engage in authentic learning experiences and have a tangible impact both within and beyond our school walls.

    After graduation, our students experience success in a wide range of colleges and post secondary programs that align with their passions and goals including University of Connecticut, Quinnipiac University, Yale University, Southern Connecticut State University, Gateway Community College, George Washington University, Howard University, and more. We maintain a close relationship with our alumni, and they frequently serve as mentors and guest speakers to inspire our current students.

    • Principal
      Cari Strand

    • Address
      175 Water Street
      New Haven, CT 06511

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