Riverside Academy

  • Grade Levels: 9- 12
    School Population: approx. 120
    Hours: 8:00am - 2:05 pm

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    • Access to Quality Educational Technology
    • Computer Assisted Instruction designed to support and monitor individual improvement
    • Access to the Internet to support learning and research skills
    • Courses offered in Microsoft Office computer applications: word processing, data management, spreadsheets
    • Strong Core Academic Program
    • Basic Skills Assessments used to design individualized course of study
    • Small Group Tutoring to support achievement
    • Intensive Guidance Program
    • Advisory Groups and Leadership Training with emphasis on Character Growth and Future Planning
    • School to Career Counseling
    • Partnerships with Community Agencies
    • Career Exploration & Community Volunteer Focus
    • Mentor Program
    • Volunteer Service Credit Program
    • Job Shadowing and Internship Opportunities
    • Small, Supportive Alternative School Environment
    • A highly personalized program designed to support the whole student with respect to academic, social and emotional development. Each student develops a learning plan that establishes the relevancy of school to future plans.
    • Partnership
    • Gateway Community College

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to prepare students both academically and socially for their futures by offering a student-based curriculum designed to meet each student’s individual needs.  Community resources will be used to bolster this effort.
    Riverside Education Academy recognized that it must do more than teach the basic core curriculum—that is must also help students understand what self-discipline and good judgment mean for themselves and others.
    We believe we must make every effort to see that all of our students leave Riverside Education Academy academically equipped and emotionally strengthened to advance in education and contribute to their communities.

    • Principal
      Derek Stephenson

    • Address
      103 Hallock Ave
      New Haven, CT 06519


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