Algebra Lab

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    Scope and Sequence:


    Course/Grade __Algebra Lab_________ 



      Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
    Unit Titles Absolutely Valuable 

    Do the Math 100% 

    Introduction of the Function 

    How does it rate

    Solve It 

    Knowledge to the 2ndPower

    Power of Investigation 

    What are the chances?

    Learning Outcomes

    (grade level expectations or standards)

      Order of operations


    Square roots

    Variable expressions/equations/inequalities

    Scientific notation

    Inequality symbols

    Number line and absolute value

    Operations with integers 

    Multi-step equations

    Coordinate griding

    Pythagorean Theorem


    Percent problems


    Making and interpreting graphs

      Function notation

    Ordered pairs as solutions to a function

    Input/output/table of values


    Equation of a function

    Graph of a function   


      1. Unit Rate
      2. Distance equals rate times time (D = rt)
      3. Proportions

    Introduction to slope as rate of change

    Rise over run

    Graphs of parallel lines/perpendicular lines


    Operations of rational numbers (fractions)

      Equations/ inequalities with one variable

    Graph solutions on a number line

    Write and solve an inequality as related to real world

    Graph a linear inequality

    Identify ordered pairs as solutions for a system

    Graphing/identifying a system of equations on graphing calculators 

    Expressions and tables of value

    Estimating Square Roots

    Simplifying the Radical

    Graphs of Quadratic Functions

    Quadratic Formula

      Expressions in exponential form

    Properties of exponents

    Exponential growth models using a graphing calculator

    Graphs of linear, quadratic and exponential models 

    Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

    Laws of probability

    Data in a Stem and Leaf Plot

    Measures of Central Tendency

    Display Data

    Measures of variation 

    Significant Task

    (names only)

    Vocabulary Skill Builder 

    Lessons with Graphing Calculators

    Proving a Function 

    Measuring Shadows 


    Gym Plans

    Fun with Quadratics

    How Fast can it grow? 

    Research Data


    Supporting Materials

    (text, calcs, manips)


    Visual Aids

    Graphing Calculators

    Graph paper


    Visual Aids

    Graphing Calculators

    Graph paper


    Visual Aids

    Graphing Calculators

    Graph paper


    Visual Aids

    Graphing Calculators

    Graph paper