Literacy Curriculum

  • Purposeful

    Rigorous curriculum

    • Aligns with the Connecticut Core Standards
    • Focuses on the essential components of reading instruction: fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension
    • Includes core novels and texts, essential questions, enduring understandings, required writing tasks, and performance tasks
    • Connects to science and social studies concepts
    • Provides culturally relevant materials in order to optimize learning for students
    • Anchors to grade level benchmarks



    Real-world applications

    • Rich, engaging, literacy-centered experiences in order to acquire the necessary skills and strategies needed to become life-long readers
    • Metacognitive reading strategies including questioning of the text and author; monitoring comprehension, synthesizing information across multiple sources, literary analysis, and inferring
    • Student-centered and delivered through a workshop model that responds to student needs and employs scientifically research-based instructional strategies



    Encourage to learn and grow

    • Differentiates through multiple methods for teaching reading and writing
    • Advocates for the needs of all our language learners
    • Provides a menu of interventions and a variety of need-based small group instructional strategies  



    Demonstrate growth and mastery

    • Measures learning through both formative and summative assessments
    • Tracks individual growth goals
    • Selects appropriate reading strategies to meet those goals