• Tech and Library Grade 2

    NHPS Technology Benchmark Continuum                                                                               SecondGrade

    *Bold items are those new to this grade level or those moved from “With assistance” to “Independently” at this level.


    Students Will…

    1. General Communication

    Semester Taught




    • Use mouse or keyboard effectively to move around the computer screen and search for information



    • Use effective keyboarding movements for efficient use of the computer



    • Send and respond to email messages



    1. Gathering Information/Research






    • Bookmark favorite sites



    • Use a simple search engine to find information (from approved and accessible sites)



    • Locate information (text, pictures, animation) within approved and accessible sites



      • Open and close approved websites



      • Open approved websites and search for information within nonlinear presentations



      • Download selected information



    1. Publishing






      • Use word-processing programs to produce drafts



      • Use simple word-processing programs to prepare some publications



      • Use spell check