• Bishop Woods Architecture and Design Magnet School


    Grade Levels: Pre K- 8
    School Population: approx. 489
    Hours: 8:35 AM to 2:50 PM
    Our Mission Statement

    At Bishop Woods School, our mission is to create a positive learning environment that prepares our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century. As a learning community, we strive to create a rigorous academic environment to help students reach their full potential.  We Believe and value the importance of involvement between home, school and the local community to support the education of our students. Our goal is to empower each student to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.
    Our motto is “Judge us not by where we are but by where we are going.”
    Our School Theme

    Communication skills for the 21st Century”
    We believe that literacy goes beyond words.  Therefore, we are exploring different modes of communication and expression through technology and the visual arts. As a school, we strive to provide opportunities for children to develop their critical thinking skills and express their thoughts creatively across the curriculum.