Google Account Password Update

  • Friday, November 20, 2020, we will be implementing a new password policy for all Google Accounts. Once the policy is in place, any password that is older than 30 days, or does not meet the minimum standards will need to be changed. We ask you for your cooperation and to please change your student’s password before the dateline.


    The details of the password policy are as follows:

    • Password length – 8 Characters minimum
    • Password complexity –must include: One Capital letter, One lower case, and One number.
      Example: Apple123
    • You cannot use a password that you have used before.
    • Password changes – 180 days


    If a student needs assistance with their password, there are several options available to get back into the Google account.

    • Please contact your school and a staff member will be able to assist you.
    • Students can also contact FamilyHelp.Live and a staff member will assist you.



    Instructions to reset passwords.


    Changing an expired Google password.

    1. During a login to Google, if your password has expired you will see a window similar to this:
      Change Google Expired Password
      **NOTE** Actual screen may vary slightly depending on the device.
    2. Fill in both the Create Password and Confirm boxes with the new password.
      Change Google Expired Password
    3. Click Next
      Change Google Expired Password
    4. Your password has been successfully changed. There is no confirmation screen, you will simply access the device or service you were attempting to access. If the passwords do not match, or do not meet the requirements you will remain on the password change screen.


    Instructional Video



     Change your google password

    1. Log into your google email.
    2. Click on the Google Account icon in the upper right hand corner next to the Waffle
      Google Password Change
    3. Click on Manage your account
      Google Password Change
    4. Click on Personal info of the left hand side.
      Google Password Change
    5. Select the password line.
      Google Password Change
    6. In the following screens enter and confirm your new password.
      Google Password Change