Building Use Permit - New Haven Public Schools

  • It is the policy of New Haven Public Schools to welcome the use of the school facilities by the community for purposes directly related to the educational, civic, cultural, recreational and social life of the community.


    The District recognizes that the primary purpose of school facilities is to implement instructional, extracurricular, and school-sponsored programs and that other usage shall not interfere with these programs. While the New Haven Public Schools were established for the primary purpose of facilitating instructional programs for our students, the building and surrounding outdoor facilities are available for use after regular school hours and weekends for many types of activities.


    Under the direction of the Chief Operating Office, his/her designee will determine the eligibility and approval for the use of all school district facilities. Programs and activities of users must be of a nature suitable for a public school, must be lawful, and must conform to all of the usage policies of New Haven Public Schools.


    The user of the facility will hold New Haven Public Schools and its agents and representatives harmless for any liability of any nature whatsoever resulting from use of the premises. The user must have insurance to cover any personal and/or property claims resulting from the event. The user agrees to indemnify the New Haven Public Schools and the City of New Haven for any damages as a result of use of the facility by signing the facility use agreement. New Haven Public Schools reserves the right to cancel any facility use agreement whenever such cancellation is advisable and in the best interest of the students. Provided the administration will make reasonable efforts to accommodate events which have been booked in advance.