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    What is eduroam and how to get access:


    Eduroam is an official wireless hotspot network now being offered by the New Haven Public Schools for Student’s and Staff to use on personal and school assigned devices for off campus distance learning.  It allows for greater connectivity to many more wireless hotspots as part of a global federation of Wi-Fi hotspots. The Eduroam network provides students and staff with wireless access at any participating institution - there are many participating locations in the New England area as well as across the United States and internationally.  Once setup you will automatically be joined to an eduroam wireless hotspot where available.  Yale for example has many locations in the City of New Haven and once setup students can access Wi-Fi near any one of their locations. The New Haven Public Library is also working to offer eduroam Wi-Fi hotpot connectivity.


    Eduroam provides simple, easy, secure connectivity from thousands of hotspots across more than 100 countries. More than 10,000 eduroam hotspots are available at universities, research centers, academies, many schools, and other research and education institutions in more than 100 territories around the world. As eduroam grows, more and more hotspots are appearing in additional places such as libraries, museums and public spaces such as railway stations and coffee shops.


    Simple, Easy, Secure eduroam Video


    New Haven Public Schools staff and student setup and login instructions:


    1. Go into the settings area to connect to a wireless network on your device.  Interactive map of eduroam locations
    2. Wherever you see eduroam  broadcasted by an eduroam partnering institution, it will appear in the list of Wi-Fi networks.  You simply select it and proceed to login. 
    3. Enter your New Haven login and password – you must use your email address.  If you do not know your login or password information, contact your school.


    School sites with external Wi-Fi hotspots:

    The district has installed external wireless access points on the below listed schools, many of the homes surrounding these schools can access the service at approximately two and half blocks, but depending on many factors that could affect the penetration levels it will differ.  Students have unlimited bandwidth when they login with their NHPS credentials.  NHPS Students and staff must select the eduroam network to connect under Wi-Fi settings on their device and login using their user name login and password. Please Note – will not work to login and use the eduroam network.


    External Wi-Fi School Sites:

    • Truman
    • Betsy Ross
    • Hill Central
    • Career
    • Bassett
    • Fairhaven
    • Clemente
    • Columbus
    • Martinez
    • King Robinson
    • Daniels
    • Riverside
    • Hill house
    • Troup 


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