Mission & Vision

  • To increase rates of graduation by reducing truancy, improve academic achievement, and strengthen truant families’ attachment to schools and communities. The New Haven Public Schools utilizes a combination of universal prevention strategies, selective intervention strategies, and targeted interventions in collaboration with other support agencies aimed at supporting students and their families to complete formal education. The department is committed to resolving, through the Attendance Meetings, the level of attendance or truancy-related issues, track the improvement of the students discussed, and any other at-risk students for dropout. The department operates as a central resource to support truancy-related training in collaboration with community agencies.


    We strive to build a greater motivation in students and their families, to commit to education, telling them the value of school, guiding each student to a clear vision for their life, implementing effective relationships between home-school-community. This helps with the conflicts, disrespect, anger, and stress that are a leading cause of truancy, changing it to better communication, support, self-confidence, and an improved school climate that is more supportive.

Dropout Prevention Specialist Team

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