• New Haven Public Schools recognizes the importance of research to improve teaching and learning for students. We welcome agencies and individuals to propose research that aligns with our district priorities and safeguards privacy and protections of our students, families, staff and institutions.

    Applicants must submit a detailed proposal and meet district requirements and assurances for research. All requests to conduct research in our district or schools will be reviewed by our Research Review Committee or Institutional Review Board on a quarterly basis.


    The Application to Conduct Educational Research and Policies and Guidelines for Conducting Educational Research provide more detailed information regarding the district's requirements. Please review the document before submitting to ensure that the research proposal is complete since this is the primary source of information used by the committee to make their decision.


    For more information about the application or general questions regarding the process to review your research request, please feel free to contact John Nguyen by telephone at (475) 220-1160 or email,