• Policies and Guidelines for Conducting Educational Research 



    The primary purpose of the Office of Research, Assessment & Analytics (ORAA) is to provide the data and tools needed to improve teaching and learning at New Haven Public Schools (NHPS). All other activities and responsibilities are secondary to this goal. 

     For this reason, the District Research Review Committee has developed a criterion to evaluate an application to conduct educational research. Priority will be given to research initiatives that support NHPS priorities and goals, clearly promise value-added outcomes for students, and do not require an extensive use of school and/or district resources.   

     Before submitting an application to conduct educational researchwe strongly encourage researchers to consult available public records and resources found at If you feel that these resources do not adequately fulfill your academic needsyour project requires direct interactions with students and educators, or the administration of survey instruments, then you must submit an

    “Educational Research Application” 

     Who May Conduct Research 

    New Haven Public Schools allows internal and external researchers to conduct academic investigations. Internal researchers, staff members and interns, who are pursuing coursework for education-related certifications and advanced degrees are encouraged to complete such work at their school sites. To gain approval, internal applicants must submit a complete application and include a sponsorship form from their supervisor. 

     In regard to external researchers, the application process is more stringent. External researchers, independent or university-affiliated, must submit all components listed under the required forms for submission and extensively explain how they will protect any data used or generated during the project 

     Parent/Guardian Permission Requirements  

    Effective October 1, 2016, Public Act 16-189 requires that all data sharing agreements or contracts with external actors, agencies, consultants, contractors, organizations, or vendors will require an additional protocol to safeguard student-level information. As such, NHPS will be extending this requirement to researchers.  

    Therefore, any new research-related initiative (assessment, program evaluation, survey, etc.), requirea comprehensive notification process. Researchers will have to work with NHPS to notify students, parents, and legal guardians about imminent approved research projects as well as provide a plan on how they will protect and de-identify any data used, collected, or generated during the course of a study. For more information on this subject, all researchers, internal and external, should review the law. 

    Required Forms for Submission 

    All forms are required unless stated otherwise. 

    • Cover Sheet, Checklist, and Assurances 
    • Agreement to Comply w/ State and Federal Privacy Laws  
    • Request to Conduct Educational Research 
    • Detailed Research Proposal
    • Itemized List of District Resources to Conduct Research
    • Summary and Copies All Data Gathering Instruments and Parental Consent forms (if applicable)
    • Acknowledgment and Copies of IRB approval from your institution (if applicable)
    • School or District Sponsorship Form (internal applicants only) 

    Submitting a Proposal for Research 

    The application review process for research requests follows a quarterly cycle (see next page). To confirm timely review of application materials, researchers should submit all forms and documentation by the submission deadline for the quarterly cycle. These conditions will ensure that the researcher’s application shall be reviewed during the next application cycle. Failure to submit the application before this deadline will delay the review of your application.  

     All application materials shall be emailed to John Nguyen at with the subject line “Research Application – [Short Title for Proposal]”.  

     Modifying an Approved Project or Proposal 

    If a researcher wants to modify the scope of a previously approved research proposal (or project) and it deviates from the agreed upon terms, then that person is required to submit a “Request to Modify Approved Project or Proposal.”  

     The form should be electronically submitted to John Nguyen at with the subject line “Request to Modify – [Insert the Title of the Approved Project/Proposal]”. 

     Please note – that no changes can be made without approval of the District Research Review Committee. 

     Criteria for Research Approval (by Committee) 

    The Review Committee uses a 10-question criteria when evaluating research proposals. The questions are designed to determine whether the proposal warrants further consideration for review, whether it aligns to district goals, and whether it provides a significant opportunity to advance teaching and learning in the district.  

     The Application Review Process  

    Proposal Submission Deadlines for Quarterly Review 

    ORAA Review for Completeness 

    Review Committee Meeting 

    Notification Dates 

    Last Week of September 

    Second Week of October 

    Last Week of October 

    Second Week of November 

    Last Week of December 

    Second Week of January 

    Last Week of January 

    Second Week of February 

    Last Week of March 

    Second Week of April 

    Last Week of April 

    Second Week of May 

    Last Week of June 

    Second Week of July 

    Last Week of July 

    Second Week of August 


    Additional District Requirements 

    In addition to submitting a complete application, researchers should be prepared to agree to the following conditions. 

    • Confidentiality Agreement – Student, teacher, school, and district anonymity shall be maintained unless otherwise noted by NHPS. 
    • Notifications – All parties (students, parents, teachers, etc.) affected by any approved proposal shall be given sufficient notice of impending research.
    • Provide a Full Copy of Final Report and Findings – Before publishing findings, a copy of the final report will be submitted to the Office of Research, Assessment & Analytics  and to each school or department participating in the study.
    • Executive Summary – An executive summary will also be submitted to the Office of Research, Assessment & Analytics and to each school or department participating in the study. 

    Contact Information 

    Any questions regarding educational research should be emailed to John Nguyen at 


    New Haven Public Schools reserves the right to update this policy at-will.