Family Resource Centers:

  • Each FRC is expected to design and deliver services within the context of their community needs, the quality and extent of existing community services and availability of resources, emphasis must be given to four core program strategies that the Connecticut State Department of Education has developed to effect statewide results. The four core program strategies are identified as:

    1. Provide high quality, well-coordinated home visitation programs for at risk families and their children from birth to age five, as part of a continuum of early childhood services.
    2. Deliver early detection and well-child screenings for all children, birth to age five that ensure regular health check-ups, vision/hearing/dental screenings, immunizations and identification for possible developmental delays and other health issues.
    3. Employ effective, coordinated practices that involve families in transitioning children to kindergarten between early care and education programs to elementary schools and home to school.
    4. Support school and district improvement efforts that accelerate the closing of Connecticut’s achievement gaps through school-family-community connections, including parent engagement, parent leadership and family literacy.

    The Family Resource Centers at Hill Central, Brennan Rogers, Fair Haven, Wexler Grant and Troup, served:  101 families in the Parents as Teachers Program. This program promotes the optimal early development, learning and health of young children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.  It also provided 758 home visits using the PAT Home Visiting Curriculum. A total of 158 Playgroup Meetings for Children ages birth to five and 184 Group connections were provided as part of the Parents as Teachers Program. There were 785 adults and children that participated in the Families in Training. The Families in Training consisted of 450 Family Literacy, Wellness and Educational Workshops.


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    Family Resource Centers


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