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  • Welcome to the NHPS Family Resource Center Initiative. Parents, grandparents, guardians and childcare providers, this site is for you! We want to share news with you, provide you with a monthly Family Resource calendar, highlight past accomplishments and happenings at the Family Resource Centers, and advise you of upcoming events. We would like to offer you information and links to help with homework, School-Based Health Centers, Computer Classes and Childcare. 


    Family Resources Center | Expectations + Outcomes

    There are 71 Family Resource Centers located within Connecticut's schools. The goals of the Family Resource Center program includes

    1. to improve children's school readiness;
    2. to enhance family well-being
    3. to develop schools as a dynamic, centrally
      located resource that strengthens the school
      and family connection.


    Service components:
    Each Family Resource Center has made a commitment to comply with 7 major components. While each FRC has some unique programs and activities, they tend to fall into one of these components. Not every FRC has all 7 components on-site; some are provided by near-by off site agencies. The components are: Full-time preschool childcare; school-age childcare; families in training; adult education; support and training for family child care providers; positive youth development programs and resource and referral services.

    For more information about New Haven's FRC programs and services, please call Michele Moore, Ph.D. 497-7027 or email her at


    Family Resources Center | Purpose + Philosophy
    The Family Resource Center program design is to provide comprehensive, integrated services located in public school buildings. By strengthening effective family management practices and establishing a continuum of child care and support services for parents and children in need. FRCs work to provide the best possible start for all children and families regardless of race, ethnicity and socio-economic status. Centers provide a common location for families to take advantage of a range of services which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of families from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

    Philosophy of the Family Resource Center Initiative: Parenting is the most difficult and important job you will ever have, and potentially, the most rewarding. The Family Resource Center (FRC) believes that a child's healthy development and good education begin with quality support services from birth. The vision guiding the Family Resource Centers is to prevent an array of childhood and adolescent problems by strengthening effective family management practices and establishing a continuum of childcare and support services that children and parents need. FRCs will help make it possible for parents to provide the best possible start for their children by providing services that enhance self-esteem, encourage growth, and enable family members to reach their full potential.

    Suggestions for The New School Year for Parents / Caregivers
    At the beginning of a new school year, here are some general suggestions for parents, grandparents and caregivers as they think about helping children succeed in school:

    • Use new words daily as you play and work together. Talk about what happened at school during the day, and what activities may be coming up soon.
    • Take your children to the library to select books and to participate in library activities. Do you or your children need a library card? Ask your school librarian for help.
    • Read aloud to your children. Even short periods of read-aloud time make a tremendous difference for a child learning to use words. Let your children read aloud to you too!
    • Enjoy the materials your children bring home from school. Use positive words of encouragement and praise whenever possible.
    • Share meals together whenever possible. Mealtimes present an opportunity for math, science, social studies and language arts in family conversation and meal preparation. They also offer a chance for children to practice good manners, good citizenship and helping others.


    Visit the Family Resource Center in your school or talk to the Parent Outreach workers. They want to help you make it possible for your children to have a successful school year!

    For more information email:



  • Michele Moore, PhD,
    Program Administrator,
    Family Resource Center Initiative


    Family Resource Centers:

    Augusta Lewis Troup School 

    259 Edgewood Avenue
    P: 475-220-3000
    Site Coordinator:
    Deion Cooper
    Brennan Rogers
    200-199 Wilmot Road
    P: 203-946-6171
    Site Coordinator:
    Lensley Gay
    Fair Haven School
    164 Grand Avenue
    P: 475-22-2630
    Site Coordinator:
    Luz Bentacur
    Hill Central School
    140 DeWitt Street
    P: 475-220-6140
    Site Coordinator:
    Lysie Rodriguez
    Wexler-Grant School
    55 Foote Street
    P: 475-220-5621
    Site Coordinator:
    Elisha Brown


    Katherine Brennan School Family Resource Center
    200 Wilmot Road, New Haven, 06515
    Also serves Clarence Rogers School, 199 Wilmot Road
    Site Coordinator:
    Lensley Gay


    Hill Central School Family Resource Center
    143 Dewitt Street, New Haven 06519
    Site Coordinator:
    Lysie Rodriguez

    Wexler Grant Community School Family Resource Center
    55 Foote Street, New Haven 06511
    Site Coordinator:
    Elisha Brown

    Fair Haven School Family Resource Center
    164 Grand Avenue, New Haven, 06513
    Site Coordinator:
    Luz Betancur
    Ross Woodward Classical Studies School Family Resource Center
    185 Barnes Avenue, New Haven, 06513
    Site Coordinator:
    Jill Pritchett