• NHPS Office of Special Education


    The Special Education & Student Services Department provides services to students determined to have a disability that affects access to general education curriculum. The services are determined at the student's Planning and Placement Team (PPT) Meeting. The goals and objectives are designed as part of the student's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

    Services include: specialized instruction, social work counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services, psychological services, assistive technology, and others as identified as appropriate by PPT team members. Services are provided for students from age 3 (ECAT) through 21. Behavioral Supports are implemented as required at a PPT. Students with disabilities may receive transition services supported by School to Work Programs and Off Campus Classrooms. Parents/caregivers and students are members of the Planning and Placement Team.

    For additional resources and information, visit the Student Services Department website.

    NHPS Student Services Department Newsletter for November 2020

  • Executive Director of Student Services Typhanie Jackson


    Supervisor of Special Education and Psychological Services
    Kate Aniballi
    (475) 220-1782


    Supervisor of Special Education
    Stacie Melendez
    (475) 220-1771


    Supervisor of Special Education and Social Work Services
    Johanna Samberg Champion
    (475) 220-1795


    Supervisor of Special Education
    Kara Buontempo
    (474) 220-1781


    Supervisor of Special Education and Speech, Hearing and Vision Services
    Sondi Jackson
    (475) 220-1783 



    Supervisor of Special Education
    Erin Nutter
    (475) 220-1322