Summer Reading Challenge

  • June 5, 2019


    Dear New Haven Learning Community:


    I am honored to serve as your Superintendent. New Haven Public Schools believe that learning does not take a vacation and we are dedicated to consistently expanding our summer and afterschool learning opportunities for our students.

    We are intentional about providing programs that will be engaging and fun for our students, while at the same time helping them to meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math. Our summer and afterschool programs provide a broad array of enrichment activities that complement students’ regular academic programs, and offer literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children.

    This year we are excited to offer a diverse variety of enrichment opportunities, ranging from our LitCamp program, which sparks student engagement with multiple genres, to our partnership with the Cub Scouts that will offer students outdoor activities such as conservation projects and multiple science experiments. Our programs are designed to foster the social emotional needs of our students; to which many of them also incorporate athletics, arts and music.

    I am proud to announce that new to our summer programs this year is the Superintendent’s Summer Reading Challenge that includes the following components:

    • The District is securing over 40,000 books to distribute free to our students to encourage them to continue to learn and grow academically throughout the summer.
    • The Superintendent’s Summer Reading Challenge will become an annual citywide program encouraging students to read books during the summer months.
    • The Superintendent’s Summer Reading Challenge will also become a citywide competition for schools, based on student population and grade level. This year, the schools with the highest percentage of participating enrollment and the highest number of books read by participating students at the end of the summer will be recognized for their accomplishments.

    We encourage you to carefully review this catalog and complete applications as appropriate or contact our Youth Family and Community Engagement office at 475-220-1734.

    Your Superintendent,
    Dr. Carol D. Birks