New Haven Lions: We Are Here to Serve


New Haven Lions: We Are Here to Serve

Face masks, hand sanitizer wipes, winter hats and gloves - all in all 57 boxes of these goods were delivered to the Field House last week. This generous donation became possible thanks to the efforts of the New Haven Lions Club and Yale University. The supplies will be distributed to the schools that need them most, they are both for teachers and for students. The supplies are organized in kits. There are two boxes of N95 masks for teachers as well.

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According to Susan Hurlburt, Lions Cabinet Secretary for District 23A, who orchestrated the delivery, the chapter members had fun assembling the donation kits. A record 2,500 bags were done in about four hours!  

This was a $10K grant from Yale University through the Yale Community for New Haven Fund (with Covid-19 focus) given to the New Haven Lions along with an additional $5K donated by the club. 

The New Haven Lions want to extend a huge "thank you" to Yale University and the Yale Community for New Haven Fund and to the vendors -  N&D Sports of Hamden and Blue Bear Protection of NYC. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the Lions - it is a public charity organization with a network of volunteers all over the world. Founded in 1917, they are best known for fighting blindness (through their SightFirst Program), but they also volunteer for many different kinds of community projects - including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry and aiding seniors and the disabled. Lions serve youth. Their community projects often support local children and schools through scholarships, recreation and mentoring.  The organization also helps during disasters. Currently, the Lions fundraise to send support to Kentucky tornado victims.

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“Lions are active. We serve. We look forward to other opportunities to collaborate with the New Haven school district in particular”, said New Haven Lions President Kamor Olaosebikan, and the Athletics Department could be one of their liaisons as both have common goals in caring for youth health and wellness.

Here are links to the New Haven Lions Facebook page and website if you’d like to keep track on how they provide community service for the citizens of New Haven, the region and beyond:

Facebook: @NewHavenCTLions