Erik Patchkofsky, Physical Education, Health, and Athletics Department Director: Elm City Bowl Is Back!


Last year, because of the pandemic we had no football at all, no volleyball, except outside. We were able to go to a full sports schedule this fall for all our teams.

The kids playing volleyball still have to wear masks inside, and we still have to follow mitigation strategies, but all the fall sports are played on a regular schedule. No exceptions. 

Covid protocols have been updated every season based on the situation. The new rules are outlined in the CIAC Fall Guidance. For example, outdoor athletes don't have to wear masks anymore. They do need to wear them indoors though. There are changes in protocols for vaccinated students: they do not have to quarantine if exposed to Covid-19. 

We are currently working on the winter guidance, and the mask mandate may change requiring only athletes on the bench wear them. All active players won’t have to wear masks.

One of the major events that is coming back is the Elm City Bowl. It will be its 36th season (it was not held last year because of the pandemic). It takes place on Thanksgiving Day on Bowen Field. The only thing that is going to be different this year - no breakfast, as we still have to follow Covid-19 protocols, but everything else will be the same. Kickoff is at 10:30 AM. We open the gates at 9:00 AM. We typically get between 2,500 and 4,000 people who attend this event.

The department is still recovering from the pandemic, and one of the remaining challenges is a school bus driver shortage. We had to reschedule game times to accommodate for that. We might see more of this problem going into the winter when several teams play on one day. We might have to work out an alternative plan for that.

Other than that, I expect to have a normal sports season in 2021-2022.