Health Education: Things To Remember This Year

This school year we continue to teach the Michigan Model for Health curriculum. All the materials (teacher manuals, worksheets and videos) had been posted on Google Drive for ease of access; please visit this page to see the links.

The health lessons taught by homeroom teachers need to be documented in the SurveyMonkey form - just like it was done last year. Remember, when documenting a lesson in this form, try not to abandon it half way through and start anew. Please delete all the erroneous entries first, and only then start a new entry. If you pressed “Submit” and then realized you made an error - just email to fix it. A tally of the lessons taught is being emailed to the school principles at the end of each marking period. 

Health in 7-8th grades is taught by PE and itinerant teachers. In the video below, Naa Lomoley Sahin, one of the itinerant health education teachers, gives a refresher on the curriculum and the requirements in the video below.