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Congratulations to the 2024 Winners of the Power of Bilingualism Context

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s contest under the theme "Bilingualism is a superpower. What does it mean for your future? How does it make you a stronger individual, student, citizen, or a community member and what are the implications for your future? "

There were close to 150 entries from kindergarten to grade 12. Thank you to all who participated and to the teachers who submitted the entries. 

Please note that the Seal of Biliteracy Celebration will take place this Wednesday at Wilbur Cross.
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Here are the contest winners:


1st place: Gianella Gallegos, grade 4, Clinton Avenue, Mrs. Berrios

2nd place: Sae Kameda, grade 1, W. Hooker School, Ms. Jennings and Mrs. DelVecchio

3rd place: Hafsa Tuna, grade 2, W. Hooker, Mrs. DelVecchio


1st place: Masoma Nooree, grade 7, Barnard, Ms. O’Brien

2nd place: Mariangel Sanchez Parra, gr 7, Fair Haven, Mrs. Hewitt

3rd place: Lool Abdullah, gr. 6, East Rock, Mrs. Griffin and Ms. Kelly


1st place: Victor David Rodriguez Salguero, Sound School, Lori Blank

2nd place: Erika Gonzalez, gr. 11, W. Cross, M. Natal

3rd place: Khalid Nooree, gr. 9, W. Cross, M. Natal


It is also worth mentioning that we received 149 submissions.