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Tracey at Convocation: 'You can make a difference because you matter'

Tracey  singing  

“New Haven is the place to be!” exclaimed Dr. Iline Tracey during the Superintendent’s Convocation August 24 celebrating the opening of the 2022-23 school year. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Mayor Justin Elicker greeted the educators assembled in Yale’s Woolsey Hall or watching the proceedings via livestream.

“My message to you today is one of hope,” Tracey told the staff. “We always have to be hoping for the best. Then when we come to work we bring our best selves.”

Echoing the theme of the convocation, Tracey added, “You can make a difference because you matter.”

The purpose of the convocation was to reinforce a vision for the district and to provide inspiration for the coming school year. In addition to remarks by DeLauro, Elicker and Tracey, educators heard from educators Frank E. Brady and Dr. Edward Joyner, secretary of the New Haven Board of Education. The New Haven Public Schools Band and the Faculty Choir performed.

“I believe teaching is a calling and not merely a job,” Joyner said in his keynote address. “Teaching and parenting are the most consequential roles in any civilized society.”

Arguing that teachers deserve the utmost respect, Joyner added that “teachers are the frontline soldiers in the battle against ignorance” and “the last defenders of many of our American ideals.”