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Hillhouse Students Can Earn College Credit in Health Studies.

Students at James Hillhouse High School now have the opportunity to concentrate in health studies and earn up to a year of college credit. The new Health Careers Academy Pathway (H-CAP) will provide as many as 25 graduates each year a leg up on college—or the chance to enter the workforce right away in jobs that require technical skills.

Students take classes that satisfy Hillhouse’s graduation requirements, as well as specialized H-CAP courses. In junior year, they have the option of concentrating in one of four professional tracks, including exercise science and wellness, nutrition and dietetics, surgical technology, and radiography. Students begin taking classes at Gateway Community College in the junior year. Their senior year is spent entirely on Gateway’s campus.


Students can attain up to 47 college credits by graduation.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 2.4 million new jobs in health care by 2029, a much higher growth rate than average.