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Wilbur Cross Curriculum Project Wins Highest Rating in National Showcase

History teacher Brian Grindrod and student presenters from Wilbur Cross High School earned the highest rating in the northeast in a curriculum showcase sponsored by the Center for Civic Education and Georgetown University. The showcase was intended to demonstrate the efficacy of a curriculum called Project Citizen, a practical, first-hand approach to learning about our system of government and how to monitor and influence it.

Mr. Grindrod utilized the curriculum in his U.S. History II classes last year, including tests on content knowledge. His classes then brainstormed ways to frame the Project Citizen content for use more broadly, settling on a project to incorporate it into the high school’s Wellness Wednesday extended homeroom programming. Students helped present the framework to the high school administration, district personnel, and state coordinators for Project Citizen from Connecticut and Massachusetts. At the end of the school year, the top three projects from each of five regions were submitted to a national showcase. There, the Wellness Wednesday curriculum was rated exceptional.

The student presenters included Zaimarie Cabrera, Shelagh Laverty, Kamaryiah Caldwell, Destiny Rumley, Nora Wyrtzen, Katherine Van Tassel, Sylvia Jesse Cohn, Amara Greenshpun, and Emily Lathers of the class of 2021.

Through the Project Citizen curriculum, students work together to research challenges affecting their community and to identify solutions that require government involvement.