Early Childhood Education - Pre-K

  • All of our Pre-K programs (Head Start, School Readiness and Magnet) serve 3 and 4 year olds.


    Pre-K programs are located here.
    If you completed a Magnet application and want to know if you were selected in the lottery for a preschool magnet seat, go to the Magnet Registration office or call them at: (475) 220-1430 or (475) 220-1431. 


    If you are interested in enrolling in an NHPS Head Start or NHPS School Readiness program, registration is located at 54 Meadow Ave.   All registration will be by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  To make an appointment, call (475) 220-1463 for Head Start or (475) 220-1482 for School Readiness.