Project COVID DeteCT

  • Project COVID DeteCT is EXPANDING! Weekly screening testing is a preventative strategy for districts to reduce the spread of COVID among unvaccinated students and their families. Therefore, with the identification and spread of the new Omicron variant, the Departments of Public Health and Education are expanding the program to better serve the needs of the state.


    Eligible Grade Levels and Districts/Schools:

    • · Unvaccinated students in all public schools grades PK -12 (PK must be co-located within a K-12 school);
    • · Unvaccinated students in all state-approved, private special education facilities/programs (ages 4-18); and
    • · Unvaccinated students in all private schools grades PK – 12 (PK must be co-located within a K-12 school).


    Program Specifics:

    • · Weekly screening testing using the PCR individual tests will be conducted by a state-approved lab assigned to the district;
    • · Individual test results provided to school, parent/guardian and DPH within a 24-48 hour period;
    • · Swabbing occurs in the lower nasal passage, not “brain ticklers;”
    • · The screening program is voluntary and all participating students must have a parent/guardian complete a consent form prior to screening Once signed, the consent form will cover testing throughout the academic year;
    • · Screening testing is free and parents’ insurance will not be accessed;
    • · A minimum of 10 students per school are required to test for a school/program to participate in weekly screening.



    (1) Students who have tested positive to COVID in the past 90-days should not participate in the weekly screening program in accordance with CDC recommendations. Proof of positive status should be communicated to the school, in coordination with the respective local health department.

    (2) Students recently vaccinated should discontinue the weekly screening program after the 14-day period has elapsed after their second vaccination.