• Food Service Home

    The Mission of the Food Service Department is to ensure that delicious, healthy meals are available to all New Haven students. We strive to serve good quality meals utilizing ingredients from many local producers that promotes the health and wellness of our students, so they can be more productive in the classroom.


    The Food Service Department is comprised of over 200 employees, working in our 44 cafeterias, on the delivery trucks and in our central kitchen offices.


    The Department served over 7.5 million meals in FY 2018-19

    • 12,000 breakfasts per day
    • 16,000 lunches per day
    • 800 afterschool snacks per day
    • 250 afterschool meals per day
    • 5,000 summer meals per day


    This website is designed to provide information to students, parents and schools about the school food service program, as well as provide information about food, health and nutrition.

  • Director of Food Services

    School Lunch Clip Art

    Gail Cairns Sharry
    75 Barnes Ave
    New Haven, CT 06513
    Phone: 475-220-1610
    Fax: 203-946-7650

    Email: Gail.Cairns.Sharry@nhboe.net