Hybrid Learning Sample Schedules

  • NOTE: For the phase-in plan to start tentatively on January 19th, 2021: 

    • PreK-5th grade students and specialized programs for students with disabilities and students in the Newcomers program at Fair Haven and Barnard will be following the Hybrid schedules as described below. 
    • Grades 6-12 will remain remote until further notice with no change to their schedules.  
    • Check back for updates on the phased in plan.


    These are sample schedules that provide structure to students, families, and school staff to help build routines, set and communicate learning expectations, ensure appropriate levels of “live” synchronous instruction, and allow time for strong operational planning. In the Hybrid model, preschool thru 3rd graders attend four full-days, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. In grades 4th through 12th, fifty percent of “in-person” learners and fifty percent of “remote” learners are assigned to Group A and Group B. Group A attends school, Monday and Tuesday and is at home Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Group B attends school on Thursday and Friday and is at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. With only fifty percent of all students and some learning remotely, the number of “in-person” learners in each classroom is reduced significantly and students are assigned to spaces that meet safety standards. In the first 2 weeks, teachers provide “live” instruction to all students two days a week and build to four days per week for all students by the third week of the model. 




    (L) signifies a time for “live,” synchronous instruction with teacher at set times. All other blocks are suggested activities off-devices


    Hybrid Preschool



    Elementary Schedule, Kindergarten– Grade 3


    Hybrid 3rd grade



    Elementary Model, 4th and 5th 


    When Group A is being served by teachers, students will receive “live” synchronous instruction at set times in each instructional block. In this elementary sample schedule, we identified five instructional blocks (SEL, Literacy, Math & Flex Time/Science/Social Studies & Specials). During the blocks, “in-person” and “remote” learners meet with their teacher at specific times, which may be in whole class, small group, or 1:1 settings, and complete independent work for the rest of the block. Group B will receive the same instruction Thurs/Friday.


    Hybrid 4th and 5th  


    Source: Center for Public Research and Leadership and Columbia University