Remote Learning Sample Schedules

  • These are sample schedules that provide structure to students, families, and school staff to help build routines, set and communicate learning expectations, ensure appropriate levels of synchronous instruction, and allow time for strong operational planning. During each subject-specific learning period, students use Google Meet to engage in (a) synchronous, “live” instruction and feedback from teacher at specific times, which may be in whole class, small group, or 1:1 settings; and (b) independent and small group work time.


    Each school schedule will vary based on its unique offerings and staffing. Common to all will be use of “live” synchronous instruction every day throughout the blocks of time, a four-hour day for students on Wednesdays, and full day of instruction on the other four days of the week. Students with disabilities and English Learners will be served throughout the blocks based on students’ needs and the collaboration among general education teachers, special education teachers and bilingual/ESOL teachers.`


    Elementary Schedule




    Middle School Schedule

    Middle School



    High School Schedule

    High School



    This sample provides an example of the blocks of time that preschool teachers will be planning and when they will engage “live” with students. Each teacher and school will create a specific schedule that will be communicated to parents via Google Classroom. The times, order of the blocks and offerings will vary by school and class.


    Preschool Schedule

    Preschool Remote Schedule


    Source: Center for Public Research and Leadership and Columbia University