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Great Things are Happening at NHPS On the Spotlight

Great Things are Happening at Home Vol. 1

Good News!

  • Just wanted to share some good news. One of my students came in 3rd place at the Hartford History Day. Thank you to Mr. Meadows who prepared all of our students who participated.


    Edith Johnson
    Wilbur L. Cross High School


    Category: Senior Individual Website
    First Place: The Tuskegee Airmen: Soaring Through the Color Barrier
    School: Conard High School Student: Ethan Mathieu
    Second Place: Breaking Barriers of the Cold War
    School: New Britain High School Student: Molly-Anne Alape
    Third Place: Breaking Barriers in Deaf Education: Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
    School: Wilbur Cross High School Student: JungJoo Kim


    Click to see all the New Haven results.

More Good News!

  • The following students were accepted to Yale University. 
    Tovah Lu
    Daniela Flores
    Ana Paula Padilla Castellanos
    YAY!!!!!!! Super proud of my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Proud Principal, 
    Edith Johnson
    Wilbur L. Cross High School

Great Things are Happening at Home Vol. 2

Cross Junior Wins SEE Essay Award

  • Hi, Cross Fam!

    My student Jiali Guo has been identified as one of the top ten essayists in The School for Ethical Education’s (SEE) 2019-20 Laws of Life Essay Contest. Her essay, My Strength-The Importance of Initiative, was one of only 10 essays to be recognized from more than 2,500 essayists who participated this year.
    Jiali is an English Learner, and she worked incredibly hard on this essay. It’s a beautiful tribute to her mother’s tenacity and perseverance as a Chinese immigrant. It’s also a wonderful example of the integrity and talent we have at Cross. 
    If you know Jiali, please reach out to her and congratulate her. She’s an incredibly modest kid, but she deserves recognition for this.
    Stay well!

    Moira Cassell
    English Dept. 

Proclamation issue is online!


    New Haven Area Student Climate Emergency Contest What does the Climate Crisis mean to you? What climate action do you want to see? Submit a Climate Emergency themed artwork, tiktok, or essay to be featured on our social media platforms and have a chance to win an awesome prize to a local business.

Golden Ticket Prizes

  • To have some fun at Metro we slipped 4 tickets into the computer boxes as we were giving them away. The winner of the golden ticket got a Metro Jacket and lunch delivered to them from wherever they wanted by me. Here is a picture of one of the winners..Alex in 11th grade.


    Golden Ticket Prizes  




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Fun Things to Do

  • I have a 8 year old a 7 year old a 4 year old and a 9 month old. The 3 older ones....I had them lay down on 3 huge posterboard and traced the outline of there whole body. Then we colored them in and used colored paper to make the hair. The kids LOVED IT!!
    I used 2 posterboard for the 4 year old. Taped them together with clear tape on both sides. The only problem I had was when they tried coloring over the clear tape. Next time I will use masking tape. They can color on that.

MASH We Miss You

Tiger Squad News

Fun Math Facts! From Kenneth Mathews!

  • More Fun Math Facts!!