James Hillhouse High School Harvest Food Pantry

  • After identifying a number of students in need; with full support from Principal Glen Worthy, James Hillhouse High School opened the Hillhouse Harvest Food Pantry on November 1st 2019. Our school pantry is open every Wednesday from 130pm to 330pm. Some of our students fill their bags before they leave school, while other families are able to come in after school to visit the pantry. The students from our carpentry program were able to build shelving units which has furnished our pantry. We also have a list of students who volunteer weekly, supporting with the stocking and sorting of incoming produce. Pantry board members include: Khalilah Adulrahim -Social Worker, Melissa Redding -Parent Liaison, Yahira Owens -Social Worker and Esther Duncan -School Clinic Psychiatrist. 


    In our first month, over 100 Hillhouse students and families signed up for our pantry. Each participant is supported by a board member during their weekly visits which enables our students and families to select their desired items, thereby decreasing the waste of food. The Hillhouse Harvest Food Pantry gently encourages each participant to try new items. We are also working on a small variety of recipe cards to help our students and families cook meals with our pantry items that are delicious and nutritious, which may also reduce their reliance on prepackaged and fast food items. We are currently in need of  2 large deep freezers which would extend our capacity to receive and store more fresh and frozen produce.


  • Personal quotes:

    "Thank you so much! Our electric and hot water was turned off for weeks. Its back on now but we don't have any food at home. This food is a true blessing from God. "

    -Hillhouse Student


    "The Hillhouse Pantry has so many great things to chose from! I have a lot of food allergies but I was able to find vegetable stock and almond flour here. I'm happy that I can find healthy food for my family for free! "

    -Hillhouse Student


    "I had no money for groceries this week. This is amazing! What a blessing right here at my son's school!"

    -Hillhouse Parent 


    "I am so pleased with the progress of our food pantry and how this resource has supported our diverse student population."

    -Hillhouse Principal, Glen Worthy


    "The food pantry is an intricate component in meeting our students practical and social-emotional needs."

    -Hillhouse Social Worker, Khalilah Abdulrahim, LMSW


    "Our pantry has increased our parent involvement and peaked the participation at our monthly workshops which provide additional fundamental resources for our families."

    -Hillhouse Parent Liaison, Melissa Redding