Disengaged Youth (Restorative Practices-Youth Stat)

  • Focuses on continuing citywide and data-driven collaboration to identify and support the needs of our most vulnerable, at-risk and struggling students. We provide preventive and recuperative services for disengaged students. Currently, Youth Stat is now accessible to all NHPS. The number of students receiving Youth Stat services has increased by 81%. An additional 125 students in 2016-17 have been added to the 155 students from 2015-16.  Youth Stat has provided supports to a total of 280 NHPS students. In addition, NHPS has finalized a partnership with the Governor’s Prevention Partnership and Key Bank to design and launch a workplace-mentoring program to connect mentors with NHPS students. “Kiyama” (a male mentorship program) trains high school students in twelve grades to serve as youth mentors to middle school students. We are leveraging YFCE with other formal/informal community mentoring programs. Moreover, we have worked hard to ensure district policies are revised to reflect direction toward restorative practices: restorative practices reflect an approach to building positive, healthy relationships and community that promotes a safe supportive and positive learning environment; prevents conflict as much as possible; and respond to misconduct and harm by seeking both accountability and repairing of the harm. YFCE has strengthened the culture and climate by collaborating with CSDE to implement the state’s school-based diversionary initiative in high needs schools and implemented Youth Court as a restorative option to exclusion. Teachers in New Haven Public Schools are trained to facilitate circles with students in their classrooms on a regular basis and using affective language to build empathy and help students understand the impact of their behaviors on others. Ultimately, the expulsion process has been revised to reflect a restorative approach to include intensive analysis of misconduct and appropriate and effective responses including alternative placement.