• New Haven Public School district views the school setting as having the following eight inter-connected components that contribute to students' health and well-being:
    1. Comprehensive Health Education   
    - Positive impact on student health, behavior, and academic success!
    2. Physical Education and Physical Activity
    - Integrated daily in the classroom, gym, and through after school programs. Promotes physical and emotional health, improves social skills, and increases capacity for academic learning.
    3. Physical Health Services 
    - Address the health and safety of students through the application of state statutes and mandates, and provide educational and counseling opportunities for promoting and maintaining individual, family, and community health. 
    4. Behavioral Health Services
    - Quality care is provided by school counselors and psychologists. Not only do these services improve the health and well-being of the student, but can greatly contribute to the overall school environment.
    5. Nutrition and Food Services 
    - Provide delicious, healthy whole foods while minimizing highly processed foods giving students the energy they need to succeed and focus in class throught the day. 
    6. Healthy, Safe, and Positive School Environment
    - Includes the physical and aesthetic surroundings. 
    7. Youth, Family and Community Involvement
    - NHPS encourages parents to be part of the school and get involved!
    8. Staff Health Promotion
    -NHPS offers employee wellness programs to support the health and wellness of staff members and encourages staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Individually, each of these components can contribute to students' health and well-being. However, when all of the individual components work together to support the adoption of health-enhancing behaviors, students' health and learning are improved.



    Department of Physical Education, Health, & Athletics

    480 Sherman Avenue New Haven, CT 06511


    Erik J. Patchkofsky

    Director of Physical Education, Health, & Athletics

    Phone: 475-220-1106


    Dana Griffin Jr

    Adminstrative Analyst II

    Phone: 475-220-1105




    In partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a national organization that is dedicated to improving the health of children and creating healthy school environments, 30 of our schools now participate in the Healthy Schools Program (HSP).


    The HSP outlines criteria in 7 areas that participating schools must meet to be recognized as a “Healthy School” and schools can progress to different levels of achievement (bronze, silver and gold).


    Please visit their website for details.

  • FAQ about the Healthy Schools Program:


    • What is Required from Schools to Participate?
    • Schools must have a school wellness committee, led by a facilitator.
    • Schools must assess their schools using their School Health Inventory.
    • Schools work closely with District and HSP coordinators to identify, plan and evaluate initiatives that help them to achieve Healthy School recognition.
    1. What Do Participating Schools Receive?
    • Ongoing personal and technical support and resources
    • Monetary support -$500 per year for 4 years.
    • RECOGNITION from District and Nationally:


    • If school achieves any level of achievement (bronze, silver or gold), one member from each school will attend the annual national HSP recognition convention, hosted by Bill Clinton.
    • Schools will receive large HSP recognition banner for their school.
    • Monetary Awards-for every level achieved, school will receive monetary award from the Healthier US Challenge organization (Let's as follows:
    • Bronze: $500
    • Silver: $1,000
    • Gold: $1,500
    • Gold with distinction: $2,000