Dr. Iline P. Tracey Interim Superintendent

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  • Dr. Iline P. Tracey



    Dear Stakeholders:


    As the newly appointed Superintendent, it is my pleasure to serve a district where there is a rich history and tradition, continuous improvement, and progress. Continuous improvement is enthusiastically embraced by a caring and dedicated teaching staff and school leaders, and a committed support staff. As a 36 year veteran educator in New Haven Public Schools, I am wholeheartedly committed to servicing our diverse student body. I have been a teacher, assistant principal, principal, director of instruction, and assistant superintendent in this same system, and have seen that despite our challenges, we can make this a premier urban school system not only in Connecticut, but the nation.


    New Haven Public Schools will endeavor to meet the needs of all students and to fully prepare them for the challenges of an uncertain future and an increasingly diverse global economy. We will strive to provide our students with opportunities to explore, innovate, critically think, and solve problems, and to be caring and responsible citizens. While we prepare our students for the academic rigor of college, the need to empower them with the character, discipline, and skills they need to succeed in the professional workforce is also paramount.


    One of the most essential factors in America’s future is the quality of education of its citizenry. The collaborative and concerted efforts of all stakeholders—students, parents, teachers, educators, community leaders, business professionals, and other community groups—working to create and sustain stimulating and challenging learning environments will provide our young people the skills to assist them to be successful not only now but for years to come. We must continue to pursue and develop educational programs of quality and excellence, and solicit help and support from the entire school community.  Your active involvement in the lives of our students via school activities, services, mentoring, and the promotion of literacy, numeracy, and social emotional learning is encouraged. It is our belief that with such a partnership, our district can prepare all of our students for lifelong learning and success. We must elevate the excellence of New Haven Public Schools, and with your support it can be realized.


    My focus will remain to be continuous improvement of teaching and learning, safety and a caring environment, communication, collaboration, good Board relations, and utilizing our resources to support student development and achievement.


    Looking forward to a productive rest of the year with all the challenges and rewards.


    Warm regards,


    Dr. Iline P. Tracey