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  • NOVEMBER 2022 Issue

  • New Year, New Faces

    New Year, New Faces

    This year we have nine new physical education teachers in the district. They are: John Gustafson, Tyler Ruoff, Jordyn Franco, Charles Ritchel, Kyle Harper, Ryan Lajorie, Dean Bhatt, Mike Moore, Jason Cartwright. Here is what they say about themselves.

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  • “Kids Believed That They Will Never Lose”

    “Kids Believed That They Will Never Lose”

    Interview with Eric Barbarito, PE, Health and Athletics Assistant Director
    Meet Eric Barbarito – our new PE, Health and Athletics Assistant Director. He started at NHPS 26 years ago as a social studies teacher. Eric also worked as a coach, athletic facilitator and a PE teacher. He shares his memories and views on current state of things in education in the conversation below.

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  • Life Lessons from “Jogo Bonito”

    Life Lessons from “Jogo Bonito”

    Interview with Wilbur Cross soccer coach Edgar Miller

    Edgar Miller, current head soccer coach at Wilbur Cross high school, has been working as a coach for the district since 2000. What was previously a part-time job, seven years ago, turned into a full-time position. We interviewed him for our newsletter, and we think his experience, work ethics are invaluable. His approach and passion could guide new and young teaching staff in their work.

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  • Healthy Cooking Videos with Maria

    Healthy Cooking Videos with Maria

    Last year I was thinking about doing something creative and practical to boost the health curriculum materials and quite serendipitously met Maria Asis, MD who at the time was giving cooking demonstrations at Hillhouse high school.

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