TEAM Information

  • If you missed the  TEAM New Teacher Orientation on Sep 15, 2021, please click on the TEAM Orientation Video link in the column on the right to download the MP4 file to your computer and play. 


    What is the TEAM Program?

    The TEAM program engages mentors and beginning teachers in a cycle of professional growth; together they reflect on practice, identify an area of need/growth, engage in professional learning, apply the new learning, and reflect on the impact on the teacher’s practice and student outcomes.


    Each module is focused within the context of the teacher’s own students, subject, grade level, curriculum requirements and school and district goals. Teachers demonstrate completion of each module through either a reflection paper or project, depending on their district’s plan.


    Module 5 - Professional Responsibilities is different from the other four modules, which are primarily classroom centered. To fulfill Module 5 requirements, teachers must engage in district-facilitated conversations that focus on ethical and professional dilemmas and their professional responsibility to students, the larger school/district educational community and to families.


    Beginning teachers must complete Modules 1,3, & 5 in Year 1 and Modules 2 & 4 in Year 2.  Modules 1-4 are completed online along with your mentor utilizing the TEAM Portal.  Module 5 will be completed through the district facilitator.