Return to School 21-22 School Year Begins

  • New Haven’s students returned to the city’s classrooms on Monday, August 30. They were welcomed by teachers and administrators, as well as District Superintendent Dr. Iline Tracey, who cheered them on during visits to several campuses.


    Music, balloons, and sidewalk chalk set the tone at a number of schools. Members of the Southern Connecticut State basketball team greeted arriving students at the Bishop Woods Executive Academy, while Craig the eagle mascot made the rounds at the High School in the Community in honor of Flight Day, the school’s opening program. Students at the Edgewood Magnet participated in an outdoor rally, during which they chalked the school lot with a word or symbol that represented an aspect of the pandemic they wanted to see washed away with the rain. They will rally again on Friday to celebrate the super powers they developed during the past year.