• Important message for New Haven Public Schools regarding COVID-19. We have seen a significant uptick in COVID-19 cases in the state and now in New Haven. In response to this increase, we are making the following changes to keep the New Haven community safe and reduce the spread of the virus:


    First, we will not be opening schools in the hybrid model on November 9th as originally planned. Instead, students will continue remote learning, as they have done since the start of the school year. We know this decision creates a hardship on many New Haven families. The Health Director, Mayor Elicker and I did not make this decision lightly.
    Second, student learning hubs that the City operates will be closed indefinitely starting this coming Monday, November 2nd.

    It is critical, that you do your part to ensure the virus does not spread. The surge in cases is happening because more and more residents are attending social gatherings, parties, and having other interactions with those outside of their core family group. By not following the COVID-19 guidelines from medical experts, you are risking exposure to others who could then lose their lives to the virus. If the number of cases go back down, we will be able to open up again.


    Finally, we continue to offer free COVID-19 testing for anyone in New Haven. Check out the City’s COVID website or call the Health Department at (203) 946-4949 for more information on testing sites. Please be smart about this, New Haven.