Title I Q & A

  • Q: What is Title I?

    A: Simply Stated, Title I is the largest federally funded education grant given to school districts.


    Q: How does Title I benefit students and families?

    A: Title I provides for student academic support in many forms. Funds for coaches, tutors, books, technology are purchased with funds supplied by Title I. Any items necessary to support student academic achievement can be purchased with Title I funds.


    The district is required to set aside a portion of the Title I funds engage families. Family /School connections are paramount and required in order to ensure student success. You can find more information about the various family activities and workshops at your school.


    Q: What else can we expect from Title I?

    A: Title I staff engages families to be better advocates for their children to promote student academic success. There are many ways this occurs across the district but two special ways are:

    1) The Florence Caldwell Student Achievement Awards is ceremony sponsored by Title I to acknowledge students and parents for their hard work and dedication throughout the school year.


    2) The Hazel B. Pappas Title I Parent Summer Training Institute is a two-week training where parents/legal guardians receive information first-hand from district supervisors about the curriculum the district is using. They learn from our student services department how to advocate for their children and receive support in how to promote student learning in their homes. These family members graduate as parent advocates and are encouraged to share the knowledge with families in their school.