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    Summer School

    Welcome to the 2020 Distance Learning Summer School Program of the New Haven Public Schools. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our district’s education, this year’s Summer School program will be offered via distance learning, and focus solely on literacy and numeracy skills for our elementary level students, and credit recovery courses for our Seniors.


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    Elementary School

    • Students in grades K-3 have received letters (from your child's administration) inviting them to register for Distance Learning Literacy, and Numeracy. Students were recommended based on a combination of data points (Whether or not they attained benchmark, and/or if they met their expected growth). The registration was included in the email. Because this summer will be all distance learning, the focus is on those students who require additional opportunities. At this time, we cannot open registration to all students. If we are able to add recommended students, you will receive an email.


    • All Summer School programs will comprise of support materials from LitCamp@Home to be distributed weekly from the site you choose on your application, Live Teacher Support
    • Two ways to apply:
    • Paper Application available at 54 Meadow St. New Haven, CT
    • Electronic Application ▪


    Contact for K-3 Program: 



    High School Gr. 12 Only

    • The NHPS High School Credit Recovery program is designed to give students the opportunity to attend class during the summer to recovery credit in courses in which the student was previously unsuccessful. This summer we will offer an online credit recovery option for our Seniors in order to complete their High School requirements and graduate with their class of 2020. Contact for GR. 12 Credit Recovery Program:


    Special Education Students

    • ESY services will be provided through the Special Education Department. This summer all ESY programming will be made through Distance Learning. The Department will contact participating families with information. If you have any questions you may contact your Special E