School Choice Enrollment Process

In addition to providing a quality education and innovative programs, New Haven Schools of Choice are designed to foster racial, ethnic and economic diversity among students.
Contact the Choice & Enrollment Office at 475-220-1430 or 475-220-1431.
Click here to go to the School Choice website and to apply online.

Application Rules & Process 
Choice Enrollment Expos:
New Haven and Suburban residents can attend the Citywide School Choice Expo Wednesday, February 1, 2017 6:00- 8:00 p.m. at the Floyd Little Athletic Center, 480 Sherman Parkway and Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 11:00am  to 2:00 pm at John Martinez Magnet School, 100 James St, 06513.
At the Choice & Enrollment Expos, each school will have a booth with principals, teachers, students and parents to answer your questions. The Choice & Enrollment Office will also have a booth with staff to answer your questions and to help you fill out the choice applications. You can submit your applications to the Choice & Enrollment staff the day of the Expos.
Open Houses / Tours:
Each school will have Open Houses and Tours in their buildings during the months of February and March. Please attend the Open House/Tours for the schools that interest you and your child. For specific dates and times for each school refer to the links below:

K-8 Schools:  English/ Spanish
High Schools: English/ Spanish
Attendance Zone & Sibling Preferences:
In many schools, including many magnet schools, New Haven offers preference to students who live nearby the school, within the attendance zone of the school. NHPS is also committed to giving priority to families wishing to have their children enrolled together in their assigned school. To find your child's attendance zone, click here.
Due to the seat limitations, there is no guarantee that any child will be placed in a particular school. However, the School Placement Process is designed to give preference both to students residing within the attendance zone of one of their school choices and to those applicants that already have a brother or sister currently attending their school choice at the time of the application. To receive the sibling preference, the brother or sister must also live in the same household and have the same parent or legal guardian as the applicant. If a sibling applicant is not placed due to seat limitations, the preference will carry over for priority on the waiting list. Click here for more information.
Application Deadline:
All students applying to a Magnet, Neighborhood, Charter or ACES school must submit a Magnet Application by Sunday, March 5, 2017. Submit applications to the Choice & Enrollment Office at 54 Meadow Street or apply online at starting February 1, 2017. Do not submit your application to the school or school personnel. If any information on the application is not the same information on file in the Choice & Enrollment Office, you will be contacted. 
Pre-K & Kindergarten Guidelines:
To apply for PreK-3, your child must be born between January 2, 2014--January 1, 2015. 
To apply for PreK-4, your child must be born between January 2, 2013--January 1, 2014.
To apply for Kindergarten, your child must turn 5-years-old on or before January 1, 2018.
Choose your Schools:
You may list up to four different school choices on the application, but you are only required to make one choice. Select only those schools your child is willing to attend. The priority will be to assign your child to their first preference; however, your child may be assigned to any one of your choices.
Receipt Letter:
Once your application is received and processed by the Choice & Enrollment Office, you will receive a Receipt Letter. The Receipt Letter is your proof that the Choice & Enrollment Office received your application. If you do not receive a Receipt Letter by April 5, 2017 call the Choice & Enrollment Office at 475- 220-1403/1431. The Receipt Letter will contain all of the information you provided on the application and a PIN Number. Check the Receipt Letter to make sure the information and choices are correct. If you find a mistake, immediately call the Choice & Enrollment Office, give the PIN Number and the mistake will be corrected. This must be done before the School Placement Process on April 5, 2017.
The School Choice Placement Process (formerly called the Lottery)
The School Placement Process will be held on Tuesday, April 5, 2017 at 54 Meadow Street in the 2nd floor boardroom at 10:00.  
School Placement Process Results:
If your child gets a magnet, neighborhhod, ACES or charter seat through the School Placement Process, you must accept or decline the seat on line or over the phone by the deadline date on your letter.  
If your child is registered in a New Haven Public School or pre-registered for kindergarten, you only have to accept or decline the seat by the deadline date on the letter.
If your child is NOT registered in a New Haven Public School, you must register by the deadline date on the letter.
If you have a question about whether your child is registered in the NHPS system, contact your school or call (475) 220-1430/1431. 
If your child gets a seat in Wintergreen, Amistad, Elm City College Prep, Booker T. Washington or Common Ground, or if your child is currently attending Wintergreen, Amistad, Elm City College Prep, Booker T. Washington or Common Ground, you must come to the Choice &/Enrollment Office and register your child by the deadline date on the Placement Letter.
Grade Retention:
In the event that a student was accepted to a Magnet, Neighborhood, ACES or Charter school, but was held back a grade or retained at the end of the school year, the student will not be able to keep the seat. The application will become null and void and the parent must fill out a new application with the correct grade.
Waiting List:
Students not selected for a Magnet, Neighborhhod, ACES, or Charter school in the School Placement Process will be placed on a waiting list for all schools selected. Students will be called from the waiting list periodically to fill any vacancies that occur.
Late Applications:
Late applications received after March 5 will be accepted but will not be processed until after the April 5, 2017 School Placement Process. All late applicants will be placed at the end of the waiting lists and Neighborhood and Sibling preference WILL NOT be given to late applicants.