Original Date: 
Wed, 2009-07-15

Contact: Michelle Wade, (203) 946-8450  Cell – (203) 675-5132
NEW HAVEN – New Haven Public Schools were recently awarded a grant totaling $1,250 from the Cable TV Advisory Council.  Larry McDonnell, coordinator of education technology for New Haven Public Schools, is utilizing this money to purchase equipment and develop a multimedia pilot program in four of New Haven’s schools.  The program will take effect this September and promises to develop students’ skills in the technology field.
McDonnell is working with Willie Freeman, supervisor of Social Studies and History, to introduce the multimedia program into 7th and 8th grade Social Studies classes.  Students will choose a famous person to focus the project around and use various types of multimedia equipment to create a video presentation.  This will involve tasks like research, script writing, and learning how to use the equipment.  Ultimately, the goals of the program are to teach students skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. 
The grant money will be used to purchase equipment such as Apple computers applicable software.  Having the right equipment for the students to use is essential to the success of the pilot program.  The four schools that will be receiving equipment and incorporating the multimedia pilot program are Edgewood Magnet School, Troup Magnet Academy of Science, MicroSociety Magnet Elementary School, and Mauro/Sheridan Communications and Technology Magnet. The schools will be paired up and students will get a chance to share ideas, swap opinions, and work collaboratively with students from the partner school.  If this pilot program is successful, McDonnell hopes to extend the program into high school classes and maybe even experiment with using it in science and math classes.