Immunization and Physical Requirements and Resources

This is an important message from the New Haven Public Schools.
Start the year off with good attendance! Make sure your child entering Kindergarten, 7th or 10th grade is up to date and in compliance with their required physical and immunizations.
It is our goal to be a support to our students and families in ensuring they are well and ready to learn. The District in partnership with New Haven Health Department Bureau of Nursing and the 17 School Based Health Centers has coordinated the following resources to access medical services for immunizations and/or physical exams to assist a student in being compliant. The resources are:
·         Any student attending a school with a school health center can utilize the center for the required immunizations and/or physical. The student must be enrolled in the Center to receive services and permission forms can be found in the school health center. Enrollment DOES NOT replace your child’s primary care provider.
·         Students can come to the New Haven Health Department (NHHD) Student Clinic at 54 Meadow Street, 1 st Floor. Appointments can be scheduled and/or additional information can be provided by contacting the New Haven Health Department Bureau of Nursing at 203-946-7301.
·         Also students can go to the Project Mothercare at 674 Washington Ave., rear, West Haven from 8am-2pm (walk-ins are welcome). For more information call 203-789-3562.
If your child has had a physical exam and required immunizations in the last school year (any time after August 30, 2017), please submit the updated forms as soon as possible to your school nurse or the New Haven Health Department Bureau of Nursing at 54 Meadow Street, 9th floor. Documents may also be sent via a secure fax to the Bureau of Nursing at 203-946-6508.
Every child’s health is critical to ensure our learning and working environments are healthy and safe. We look forward to a healthy and happy school year for all our students.
School Health Team