New Haven AP Course Enrollment and Access on the Rise.

New Haven is one of the few Connecticut districts responsible for driving the increased enrollment of students from low-income families in AP courses. A review of state data by The Connecticut Mirror shows that only seven districts saw an increase of a least 40 low-income students over the last three school years.


Enrollment in AP courses has grown faster in New Haven than in any other Connecticut district, state data show. The district also has managed to nearly close the disparity in who enrolls, with about one in three high school juniors and seniors – regardless of whether they come from a low-income or a better-off family – participating in at least one Advanced Placement course.

Only 2 districts in the state with reported data had more AP students:

  1. West Hartford 1277
  2. Stamford 1197
  3. New Haven 1077


Comparing Low Income AP Enrollment for New Haven, Hartford, & Bridgeport, New Haven(ranked 3rd in state) far outpaces the other 2 cities:

  1. New Haven 1077 (59% in AP; 62% in district)
  2. Hartford 457 (58% in AP; 73% in district)
  3. Bridgeport 198 students enrolled in AP total(no data on FRL)


See CT. Mirror coverage of the issue here.