Superintendent Search Update

Superintendent Search Committee Update

 10-17-17 Update - Updated Search Committee Schedule


Oct 10, 2017

·         Board of Education (BOE) meeting;

Voted to expand the Search Committee, which will interview and send recommendations to the BOE

Approved the new proposed timetable

Oct 16, 2017

·         Develop protocol for adding Connecticut applicants to the pool;

·         Assess and score CT applications against a common rubric. Narrow group of candidates.  

Oct 21, 2017

·         Community Forum

Oct 23, 2017

·         BOE regular meeting

·         Search Committee meets with Search firm - presents overview each of the final candidates and the process and rubric we will use to narrow search

Oct 24-26, 2017

·         Community Forum

Oct 27–29, 2017

·         Search Committee meets to:

Interview all Candidates;

Oct 30, 2017

·         Search Committee meets:

Discuss candidates and our preliminary scores:

Develop final scores, and tally recommendation

Reduce all candidates to 2 or 3 finalists

Nov 10, 2017

·         Forum with candidates for students, teachers and school based staff

Nov 11, 2017

·         Forum with candidates for community (central location with ample parking) – Morning Session

Nov 11, 2017

·         Search Committee Interviews Candidates – Afternoon Session

Nov 13, 2017

·         Search Committee meets to:

Discuss candidates

Develops consensus for final recommendation presents recommendations for final choices to the BOE

BOE approves finalist through BOE vote

Nov 20, 2017

·         Special BOE Meeting

Search Committee presents recommendations

BOE votes to hire Superintendent

BOE Authorizes Contract Negotiations

BOE Authorizes Background Check

Following Nov 20, 2017

·         Contract Negotiations Completed

·         Background Check Completed

·         Contract Signed



 10-11-17 Update

On Tuesday October 10, 2017 the New Haven Board of Education approved an updated schedule for the selection of a new superintendent beginning October 10th and ending with the whole board appointing a superintendent for the New Haven Public Schools no later than November 20th.  The approved motion included the following action steps:


  • Discuss and vote to expand the Search Committee, which will interview and send recommendations to the BOE, including: The new appointment of the BOE, Jamel Cotto; another parent to the committee (chosen by the parent group); the two new announced appointments made by the Mayor (note that Mayor has since appointed Tamiko Jackson McArthur, MD and Maysa Akbar, Ph. D. to serve on the Committee)
  • Approve the new proposed timetable
  • Develop protocol for reducing the Connecticut pool to one or two candidates
  • Search Committee (with the search contractor) hosts at least 3 forums with parents, students and teachers
  • Search Committee interviews finalists in a public forum
  • Conduct Deep Background Check
  • Negotiate Contract
  • BOE approves a Superintendent for the New Haven Public Schools
  • Sign contract

Updated List of Search Committee which will interview and send recommendations to Board of Education is as follows:


Darnell Goldson

BOE member, Chair

Dr. Carlos Torre

BOE member, Chair

Che Dawson

BOE member, Chair

Dr. Edward Joyner

BOE member

Mayor Toni Harp

BOE member

Frank Redente, Sr.

BOE member

Makayla Dawkins

BOE member

Jamell Cotto

BOE member, pending BOA approval

Nijija-Ife Waters




Dave Cicarella

Teacher’s Union

Claudine Wilkins-Chambers

Paraprofessionals Union

Cheryl Brown

Administrators Union

Tyisha Walker

Board of Alders

Tamiko Jackson McArthur, MD

Mayor Appointment

Maysa Akbar, Ph. D.

Mayor Appointment